Abandoned Vehicle Process and Inspection

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Abandoned Vehicle Services


A vehicle inspection will be performed to verify the vehicle’s abandoned status.


We will process as much of the vehicle’s information as known, including any owners attached to it.


Options to file for an abandoned vehicle title may be available, pending the status of the inspection.

Abandoned Vehicle Process

Arizona law states that an abandoned vehicle is a vehicle, trailer or semitrailer subject to registration that has been abandoned on public or private property and is otherwise unclaimed. Filing for an abandoned vehicle applies to private individuals who may have one on their property, or towing companies who may have filed requests to eliminate it. An individual must have knowledge and custody of a vehicle that is lost, stolen, unclaimed and seized or removed from a public roadway by order of law.

How the Process Begins

GG&D’s representatives will be able to help fill out the paperwork, before submitting for processing, collecting the vehicle’s information number (VIN) and reporting on the area in which it was left. The process will typically take 60 days between the date of notice as stated in the paperwork and if an owner claims the vehicle. Paperwork, along with a $10 processing fee, must be submitted to ADOT for approval.

Abandoned Vehicle Title

Following the period of time with no owner claiming the vehicle, a title can be requested in which ownership will transfer to the report-filing individual. GG&D offers title transfer services, and will help transition ownership into your name.