Clearing Your Suspended Registration

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Clearing Suspension Process

Suspended Registration

A suspended registration occurs if a driver is found without proper insurance coverage, costing hefty fines and fees.

Mandatory Insurance Requirements

Arizona law mandates all drivers provide liability insurance with a minimum limit to operate motor vehicles on roadways.

Plate and Registration Clearance

Provide proof of insurance at one of our locations and we will be able to clear your suspended registration and plate status.

Suspended Registration Causes

A suspended registration may come as a result of driving without insurance. This may not always happen from getting pulled over by a police officer, but can also come from your insurer notifying the MVD (as required by law) after your coverage lapses. Failing to pay the insurance premium or renewing your policy will trigger your insurer to notify motor vehicle departments of your driver’s status. The MVD is required to suspend your vehicle registration if:

  • The registered drivers fails to provide insurance verification within 30 days after initial registration or ownership transfer.
  • The MVD has received notification of the vehicle’s canceled insurance policy.

What Happens When Registration is Suspended

By not taking the necessary steps to reinstate your vehicle, your plate and registration can be costly – getting pulled over without insurance can lead to court costs, driver license restrictions, MVD fines and an SR22 requirement for 3 years. 

Reinstate Registration for Your Vehicle

Reinstating your vehicle registration is simple at GG&D. Stop by one of our locations across the Phoenix area with your proof of Arizona liability insurance and payment to cover the reinstatement fee. Assuming all requirements have been met, your plates and registration should be reactivated and eligible for you to drive. Having insurance as soon as you initially register your car and establish ownership will save you in the long run. Always ensure your policy remains up to date and to renew it every year for your vehicle(s).