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Obtain a Disability Placard in AZ


Disability Placard

Placed in the vehicle with the disabled individual either driving or as a passenger. 

Disability Plates

Issued to individual or organization with permanent physical disabilities and is an owner or lessee of the vehicle.  

Temporary Usage

Valid for six months with completed medical certification.

Disability Placards

GG&D will help issue disability placards to individuals with a permanent or temporary physical disability, or is hearing impaired as determined eligible by a healthcare professional. Individuals with a disability or hearing impairment may become eligible after applying on form #96-0104. Physical disability is determined by an authorized physician, a registered nurse practitioner, hospital administrator, or certificate of 100% disability issued by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Hearing impairment is determined by a person licensed to practice medicine in the United States or an audiologist certified by the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association. Medical reports or letters describing the disability are not accepted. Up to three placards may be issued, depending on the individual’s needs.

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Disability License Plates

Disability license plates may be issued to individuals or both for-profit and non-profit organizations with permanent physical disabilities and is an owner or lessee of a motor vehicle. The same requirements for medical eligibility apply as noted for disability placards. There are a number of custom plates vehicle owners can order that will display the disabled symbol. Our representatives can help you find the one you want or support.  

Temporary Disability Placards

Temporary disability placards are valid for six months. Form #96-0104 is also required for individuals registering for a temporary placard. 

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