New & Replacement Arizona Driver's License

GG&D is now offering complete driver license services, including: Eye exam, written test, verbal test, road test, reinstatements, renewals and name changes.


Driver Test

Walk into one of our locations without an appointment for your driving test. You will also be able to take the vision and written assessments here.

Driver License Renewals

Visit one of our locations for your license renewal. We’ll provide you a temporary driver license and mail your permanent one.

Travel ID Registration

Beginning in May 2023, you will need a valid Travel ID card required for domestic travel. Apply for one today at one of our third-party MVD locations.

Driver's License Testing

No appointments are required at GG&D for any of our driver license services. You can take your driving test any time you’re ready and we’ll provide you with the written, vision and behind the wheel assessments. Note the requirements below and remember to bring identification and proof of insurance. Visit our resources for practice exams and driving manuals.

Taking a driving test in Phoenix, AZ
GG&D 3rd party MVD in Phoenix, AZ


Identification cards are available for legal Arizona residents of any age. ID cards are useful if you do not have a driver’s license to prove your age or identity. Note that ID holders cannot possess both an active ID card and driver license at the same time. In most case, Federal compliant credentials are required (Travel ID is optional if you are able to present a passport).

Travel ID cards will be required for anyone booking domestic travel, beginning in May 3, 2023. Without the proper credentials, you may not be able to get approval by TSA security checkpoint. While you are registering or renewing your ID, apply for a travel ID at one of our locations.


Our license services do not require appointments, all you need to do is simply walk in (this includes our driver’s license renewal). We encourage you to apply for the Travel ID while you are renewing your license as not having a valid Travel ID may prohibit you from domestic travel at TSA security checkpoints. Our staff will take an updated photo of you and have you take another vision exam. Upon completion, we will give you a temporary ID before you walk out, and a permanent license will be issued to you via mail.    
Inside our 3rd party DMV in Phoenix, AZ
Drivers license and Identification services in Phoenix, AZ


You can easily replace your driver’s license with our third-party MVD services. Possible reasons for needing to replace your driver license are:

  • Lost, stolen or destroyed
  • Address change
  • Photo update



Yes, we will provide you with a temporary paper credential until you receive a hard copy in the mail. (temporary credential will have watermark indicating “not valid for identification purposes”)

No, anyone can get an ID as long as you have proper documents.

US Birth certificate or US Passport AND Social Security Card, OR US Birth Certificate and one proof of address (must know social security number)
Click here for full list of identification requirements.

The Arizona Travel ID is the credential that complies with the federal REAL ID Act of 2005. It is available as both a driver license and identification card. There is a gold star embedded in the card to show that the cardholder has provided added proof of identification to ensure the license or ID meets strict federal requirements.

Click here for full list of identification requirements for travel ID/DL.

Yes, we can issue the travel credential no appointment necessary.

Yes, we perform testing for vehicle and motorcycle permits.

Yes, we can issue the permit credential, as long as identification requirements are met.

Yes, we conduct road tests, no appointment necessary. Please arrive by 5:00 pm for these services. Some of our locations are capable of testing 3-point while others offer parallel parking. Our 16th St location offers both parking tests. Please contact the location to verify which is offered, if tester has a preference.

We do not do appointments, it’s a first come first serve basis. For road test testing please arrive by 5:00 PM.

Yes, we can renew driver licenses.

Once all requirements have been met, we can reinstate driver license or driver’s privileges. Please stop by our location to have your record reviewed.

No, unfortunately due to system updates we are unable to process ID/DL services. 

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