Arizona Auto Insurance Verification

Verify Mandatory Car Insurance Requirements


Insurance Verification

If you’ve received notice of registration/driver license suspension due to lack of AZ-authorized insurance, you can bring the form into one of our locations.

AZ Insurance Requirements

Arizona law mandates all drivers provide liability insurance with a minimum limit to operate motor vehicles on roadways.

Carry Proof of Insurance

Always be sure to provide some form of proof of insurance in your vehicle to avoid any mishaps that can result in driver license or registration suspension.

Mandatory Insurance Requirement

Arizona requires all motor vehicles operated on roadways to be equipped with bodily injury and property damage liability insurance through a company authorized to operate in the state. Failure to obtain insurance can result in the suspension of your vehicle registration and/or driver license. Being able to provide proof of insurance immediately after registering your vehicle in Arizona is essential to avoid any penalties drawn towards you. Verify your insurance at one of our GG&D locations to submit your documents into state records.
GG&D 3rd Party MVD Services | GG&D 3rd Party DMV Services
GG&D 3rd Party MVD Services | GG&D 3rd Party DMV Services

Verification Process & REGISTRATION Reinstatement

Insurance companies submit any canceled policies, renewals or new policies to Arizona MVDs. Any driver without auto insurance verification will be sent a notice to provide proof of insurance and provide your status. If you have received a notice, you can stop into a GG&D location near you to handle your insurance verification needs. 


Proof of Insurance

Carry your proof of insurance inside your vehicle at all times. Your insurance company will provide this form of documentation in case you find yourself in an accident or traffic stop. If you do find yourself in a situation that your license or registration has been suspended for lacking proof of insurance, you will be able to reinstate your status by purchasing and presenting a policy and/or an SR-22 form. 

GG&D 3rd Party MVD Services | GG&D 3rd Party DMV Services