Level 1 Inspections in Phoenix

Vehicles Missing Title or Registration


Level 1

Done for vehicles without proof of title and/or registration. Most vehicles are successfully inspected at this stage. Offsite inspections require an appointment and advance payment. 

Level 2

Unusual circumstances calling for a secondary VIN to be inspected and assigned a new number if necessary. 

Level 3

Occurs when a vehicle is restored or recovered and inspected to ensure all its critical parts are in working condition.


A Level 1 Vehicle Verification Inspection verifies the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is in agreement with the vehicle in the applicant’s possession and establishes an identity for a vehicle that is without title and/or registration. Individuals in possession of a vehicle that requires a secondary VIN inspection (Level 2) or that a vehicle requires verification of its component parts due to salvage or recovered from stolen (Level 3) require an appointment at an ADOT ECD inspection location. GG&D third-party MVD locations will conduct any level 1 inspection needed either onsite or offsite.

License Renewal | License Replacement | RealID | GG&D Motor Vehicle Services
License Renewal | License Replacement | RealID | GG&D Motor Vehicle Services

Requirements for Level 1 Inspections

  • No ownership documentation for the vehicle is presented by driver
  • Titling and/or registering and renewing a cab and chassis vehicle
  • Customer is filing a Title Compliant Report, form #46-0403
  • Applicant acquired the vehicle for purposes other than highway use, which includes:
      • To be placed on exhibition or display
      • To be repaired, rebuilt, reconstructed, and/or dismantled and the customer is requesting a ‘Title Only’
      • Identification of the vehicle is in question (eg., VIN, body style, fuel type, the cubic centimeters (cc) listed for the engine capacity, etc.

Onsite and Offsite Inspections Available

GG&D offers inspections to be held at any one of our valley locations, or offsite as requested by the customer. Please note that onsite inspections must be conducted before sunset and offsite inspections are scheduled and need to be paid upfront. 

License Renewal | License Replacement | RealID | GG&D Motor Vehicle Services