Replace Lost & Stolen License Plates in Phoenix

AZ License plate replacement


License Plate Replacement

Arizona law requires license plates to be immediately replaced if damaged, lost or unreadable.

Apply for Arizona Plate

Vehicles owners moving to Arizona must obtain Arizona license plates as soon as establishing residency.

tab renewal

Are your tabs and registration current? Renew your tabs up to 6 months prior to expiration date.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged License Plates

Arizona law requires license plate replacement as soon as you discover it lost, stolen, damaged or unreadable on your vehicle. The process to replace it is easy – just walk in to your nearest GG&D location and receive a temporary license plate (new one will be mailed out). If your plate has been stolen, you can file a police report in case your tags have been used illegally – although filing one is not a requirement.

License Renewal | License Replacement | RealID | GG&D Motor Vehicle Services
License Renewal | License Replacement | RealID | GG&D Motor Vehicle Services

Tab Replacement

Visit any of our locations to replace your license plate tabs if you have lost yours. Please remember to bring your photo identification and payment when coming in. If your expiration is coming up, you may receive a notice to remind you to replace your tags.

What to Have Ready

  • Photo Identification (such as your driver license)
  • Payment for expired tab or license plate replacement
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