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Driver MVR

A Driver MVR (MVR) is the printout of a driving record. Collect yours here in case you need it for any documentation.


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No appointments are taken – you will be able to quickly and conveniently take care of all of your driving needs here. 

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Obtaining Your MVR

GG&D offers nonrestricted Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) for both vehicles and drivers. Driver records consist of the individual’s driving history, tickets, suspensions, credential history etc. It will not offer information regarding vehicles. Vehicle records are a screen print of how vehicles appear on our system, it will display vehicle owner, plate number, registration expiration date, brands and lienholder information, if any.
GG&D 3rd Party MVD Services | GG&D 3rd Party DMV Services
GG&D 3rd Party MVD Services | GG&D 3rd Party DMV Services

What is on a MVr?

An MVR may display the following:

  • Personal information (name, DOB, residential/ mailing address, physicals)
  • Current license information (class license, issue and expiration date)
  • Applicable restrictions and endorsements
  • Prior License history information
  • Outstanding Compliance Requirements
  • Driving history points (related to the time frame requested)
  • Withdrawals
  • Compliance
  • Violations and or Incidents

We offer:

  • 39 Month – Non-certified
  • 5-year Driver Record – Certified
  • 10-year Driver Record – Extended Certified 

Requirements for Requester

For an individual to request their own vehicle or trailer record no documentation (MVR form) is required, except to prove identity.

For anyone else to request a vehicle or trailer record, including receiving a MVR on an individual’s behalf, a properly completed Motor Vehicle Record Request, form #46-4416, is required for each record requested.

We offer:

  • T&R – Uncertified
  • T&R – Certified
  • Lienholder – Uncertified
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