Tow and Salvage Yard Inspections

Quick and Convenient Third-Party MVD Services


Inspections at Towing Yards

Inspect vehicles branded as uneconomical to verify VIN or if a correction is needed on vehicle identity. 

Level I Inspections

Perform off-site inspection to verify VIN for vehicle without title/registration. 

Abandoned Vehicle Inspections

File vehicles as abandoned on private or public property. 

Tow Yard Inspections

GG&D can perform Level I and Abandoned Vehicle Inspections at tow and salvage yards. Vehicle inspections can be performed off-site as part of Level I inspections and abandoned vehicles will be inspected in the case that VIN or driver information is in question. Off-site inspections must be scheduled and paid upfront before an authorized representative visits the site.

Salvaged Vehicles

A salvaged vehicle is one that has been stolen, wrecked, damaged or otherwise inoperable and uneconomical to repair as indicated by the insurance company, owner, financial institution or leasing company. Salvaged vehicles can be restored after careful restoration/reparation, inspection for roadworthiness and issued a title branded as restored salvage.

Inspection Requirements

To ensure the safety of our representatives conducting an inspection, vehicle inspections must adhere to the following guidelines. These are considered off-site inspections and will follow those guidelines as well. In most cases this will be required if the vehicle identity is in question, wrong VIN, make, year etc. and the customer needs it corrected for insurance purposes:

  • Vehicles to be inspected will not be co-mingled with vehicles not being inspected
  • Vehicles will only be inspected in pre-designated area(s)
  • Inspection area will be in a condition that will not endanger the Inspector
  • Vehicles will not be inspected while stacked nor within 50 ft. of stacked vehicles
  • There must be a minimum 4 ft. clearance around the vehicle
  • Must be unlocked prior to inspection
  • All documentation must be available for review at the discretion of the Officer or Authorized Third Party Inspector