AZ Trailer Serial Number Assignment

VIN Number for Home-Built Trailers


Special Serial Number Assignment

A VIN will be assigned to homemade trailers that do not have an evident identifier.

Easy Inspection

A GG&D representative will properly inspect the trailer and place a decal certifying its eligibility.

Application Completion

Upon approval, trailer owner must fill out an application stating how the trailer was built.

Assigning VIN to Trailers

Arizona law requires a specially marked serial number (AZ SNO) for homemade trailers missing a proper VIN. Even for trailers whose VIN or other identifying number has been altered, removed, defaced, destroyed or otherwise illegible, it can be restored with a new identifier that contains its information.

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Arizona Serial Number (AZ SNO or AZ Number)

GG&D will provide trailer owners with a self-adhesive identification decal consisting of the characters AZ, followed by six numerals and a control number. One of our representatives certified in Level I inspections will place the decal on the trailer, registering its VIN as a useable trailer accepted on future vehicle services. Once the AZ Number is assigned, a Special Serial Number Application, form #48-5108, must be completed. The owner of the trailer must fill this out and make a statement as to how he/she built the trailer.