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AZ Game and Fish Department

AZGFD has partnered with GG&D to provide watercraft registration services.

Watercraft Registration

Easy boat registration at our Bell Rd location.

Only Available at GG&D Bell Rd.

Only our Bell Rd. location is offering boat registration services.

Arizona Watercraft Registration

To increase convenience for the public, the Arizona Game and Fish Department is partnering with GG&D to offer watercraft registration services throughout the state. Please note that this service is only available at our location on Bell Rd. and Cave Creek. We offer registration renewal and transfer of ownership for all motorized watercraft.

Speed boat in one of Arizona's many bodies of water
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Boat Registration Requirements

The AZGFD website states, “Registration means that a motorized boat can be used. Without it, it cannot legally be put on the water.” A boat owner registering a boat in Arizona for the first time will be issued:

Certificate Number: The certificate of number proves that a motorized watercraft has been registered in the owner’s name and must be on the watercraft at any time it is used on Arizona waters. 

AZ Number: This set of numbers is prefixed by the letters “AZ” which the owner must include on the forward side of the boat, on each side. New boats with temporary registration are the only exception to using a watercraft without the AZ number.

Decals: Boat owners will be given two decals – one when the boat is first registered and the second decal upon annual registration renewal. These must be placed in front of the AZ numbers to prove its current registration.

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