Reasons to Get Your Child a State ID

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Believe it or not, getting your child a state-issued ID card can go a long way in helping secure and protect your family. The Arizona Department of Transportation recommends parents get one for their children not only for emergency situations, but to ease the process when applying for school or travel. There are easy options for you to obtain a state-issued ID, one being from third-party MVD offices. You’ll be able to walk right into any one of GG&D’s offices and shortly leave after applying your child’s ID. We offer insight into reasons why a child ID card can benefit you and your children.

1. Helps Law Enforcement Distribute Information in Case of an Amber Alert

No parent wants to think of the possibility, but if your child were ever taken or abducted, law enforcement can distribute information and image of your child to the public. This information pertains to eye and hair color, height and weight taken while applying for a state ID card. You can prepare for situations like these and take immediate action as soon as it happens. If your child goes missing, law enforcement will take your information down to pinpoint what is on your child’s ID to match the description up.

2. Protects Your Child Against Identity Theft

Even if your child doesn’t have any credit or work experience, they are still vulnerable to identity theft. Since they haven’t held a job or taken out any loans this early in their lifetime, they have a blank slate for fraudsters to target and steal. The unfortunate case can be that you or your child may not know until they apply for credit, or even student loans when leaving the nest at 18 years old. Having a child ID in place secures your children’s information so that thieves don’t have as much ability to create a new identity in place of yours.

3. Eases Process When Traveling

For families who are always travelling or have plans to travel, a state ID card for your child will ease the process of boarding a plane. A number of minors also travel unaccompanied by an adult and having photo identification will ease the boarding process from start to finish. It’s not a requirement that minors are in possession of a photo ID, but it will surely help them and also offer emergency contact information.

4. Allows for Easier School Enrollment

When you’re setting up your child for kindergarten or enrolling in a new school, a state ID will already have the information the school will need. Having a state-issued ID card provides further security in providing the right information for your children and gives you further peace of mind knowing they will be safe at school.


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