How To Notarize A Car Title In AZ- (A Complete Guide)

how to notarize a car title in az

While it might be thrilling to buy or sell a car in Arizona, a significant amount of paperwork and regulatory requirements must be met. Notarizing the car title is crucial since it verifies the documents’ signatures and establishes the vehicle’s legal owner. Nevertheless, notarizing a car title in Arizona could seem like a big ordeal if you’ve never done it before.

Hence, we decided to compile this comprehensive resource for notarizing a car title in Arizona. This article will explain how to notarize a car title in AZ and guarantee a legal and effortless transfer of ownership, whether you’re a first-time buyer, seller, or need a refresher.

Do You Need To Notarize A Car Title In Arizona?

Yes, An Arizona car title transfer must be notarized. The new owner must sign and notarize the title when you sell a car in Arizona. This is done to ensure that the signatures on the title are genuine and to avoid fraud.

Before the title may be transferred in Arizona, the buyer and seller must notarize their names on the back of the title. The notary public will attest to the parties’ identity and observe the signings. The notary will apply their official stamp or seal to the title, showing that the signatures are genuine.

When selling a car in Arizona, a car title must be notarized. The Arizona Department of Transportation may refuse the title transfer if this is not done.

How To Notarize A Car Title In Az? (Step-By-Step Process)

how to notarize a title in az

The procedure for notarizing a title in Arizona is as follows:

  1. Have A Title Signing Session With The Buyer: The reverse of the title must be signed by both you (the seller) and the purchaser. Be careful you sign in the presence of a notary public.
  2. Locate A Notary Public: Most banks, post offices, and government facilities have notaries publicly available. Verify that the notary public has been authorized to work in Arizona.
  3. Bring Identification: You, as the seller, and the buyer, as the buyer, must both provide a government-issued photo ID.
  4. Make The Payment: The cost of notarizing a title varies from notary public to notary public. Before the notary starts the procedure, inquire about the charge.
  5. Make The Notary Public A Witness To The Signatures: You and the buyer will sign the title before a notary public. The title will next be sealed with an official stamp or seal.
  6. Notarize The Title: You should provide the buyer with the title once you notarize it. The buyer will take the notarized title to the Arizona Department of Transportation to transfer ownership.

That’s all! Having a title notarized in Arizona is simple, but you’ll need to bring some identification and official paperwork with you.

How To Get Your Car Title Notarized Online?

notarize online free

Here are the steps to get your car title notarized online in Arizona:

  • Go to the Notary Website of Arizona.
  • Click on “Schedule Your Notary Session Now.
  • Enter your details and the type of document you need notarized.
  • Select an available date and time for your virtual notary appointment.
  • Upload a copy of your car title and any other necessary documents.
  • Connect with your online notary at the scheduled time through a video call.
  • Verify your identity and sign the car title electronically in the virtual presence of the notary.
  • The notary will affix their official electronic stamp or seal to the document.
  • Receive the notarized car title electronically or download it from the website.

Can The DMV Notarize A Title In Arizona?

No, the DMV in Arizona cannot notarize a title. Only a notary public can notarize a title in Arizona. The State of Arizona authorizes notaries public to witness and certify the authenticity of signatures on legal documents, including vehicle titles.

The title must be signed in the presence of a notary public by both the buyer and seller, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). The title must have the notary public’s official stamp or seal. ADOT may reject the title transfer without a notarized signature, which might prevent you from registering the car or transferring it to the new owner.

Where To Notarize A Car Title In Arizona?

In Arizona, you can notarize a car title anywhere a notary public is available. Here are some familiar places where you may find a notary public in Arizona:

  • Banks And Credit Unions: Most banks and credit unions have free notary services for their customers.
  • Shipping Stores: Shipping stores, such as UPS or FedEx, often have notary services for a fee.
  • Insurance Offices: Some insurance offices may offer notary services for their customers.
  • Government Buildings: Many government buildings, such as courthouses, post offices, or libraries, have notary public services available.
  • Private Notary Services: Some mobile notaries can come to your location and notarize your documents for a fee.

How Much Does It Cost To Notarize A Car Title?

how much does it cost to notarize a car title

The price to notarize a car title in Arizona might vary from one notary public to the next and even within the same office. Arizona’s notaries can charge up to $10 per notarized signature. However, many do charge much less. In addition, for numerous signatures or repeat clients, certain notaries may give discounts.

In Arizona, it typically costs between $5 and $15 to notarize a car title. However, if you need a notary to come to you, remember that they may tack on a travel fee to the notarization cost.

You can find free notary services at your local bank or credit union if you need to notarize your title. If you need a notary, shop for the best deal.

How Long Is A Notarized Title Good For In Arizona?

A title notarized in Arizona is typically regarded as valid until it is transferred or reissued. Therefore, Arizona’s notarized title has no expiry date as long as the notarization was performed appropriately and the document is readable and unaltered.

You may also need to apply to ADOT for a replacement title if the notarized title is lost or destroyed. Before a new title can be awarded, you must complete a new application and have it notarized again.

The notarized title shall be considered valid forever if appropriately executed and preserved.

Can I Sell A Car In Arizona Without A Title?

Without a title, it is illegal to sell a car in Arizona. The title is proof of ownership; without it, the new owner cannot register or ensure the vehicle. A buyer may also be wary of purchasing a car without a title since it might be challenging to confirm the seller’s legal right to sell the vehicle. Consequently, having a title before selling a car in Arizona is essential. In addition, the Arizona Department of Transportation will provide a replacement title if you lose or misplace your original.

Final Words

Be sure you have all the required paperwork and identification before making your appointment since only a notary public in Arizona may notarize a car title. The location and notary public you select may also affect the price of notarizing a car title.

So, comparing prices and finding the most affordable option is always a good idea. Please don’t hesitate to ask any further questions you may have.


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