How to Get Your Motorcycle License in AZ

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Motorcycles have long been a symbol of coolness, power, and freedom. If you’ve ever dreamed about owning and riding a motorcycle, there are some practical steps that you can follow.

The state of Arizona has more than 180,000 motorcyclists today. Each state has its own requirements for getting your motorcycle license. If you’d like to own and operate a motorcycle in Arizona, there are two ways to receive your endorsement.

Read below to learn how to get your motorcycle license in Arizona.

Option 1: Find a Motorcycle Safety Course

Your first option for getting a motorcycle license is to take a safety course.

By taking a motorcycle license class in AZ, you will learn all about safety tips when navigating the road, in addition to information about maintaining visibility and wearing your helmet and other protective gear.

Find a licensed and certified school that can teach you the information that you need. You will learn the key details that every motorcycle rider should know.

Many of these schools will also work around traditional work and life schedules. You can sign up for a motorcycle license class in AZ that holds sessions over the weekend for the ultimate flexibility.

After a series of sessions and exams to pass the course, you’ll receive your motorcycle card. Once you’ve passed the course and gotten your card, you are free to take it to your nearest Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) branch to have them endorse your motorcycle driver’s license.

With an endorsed license, the stamp indicates that you are free to legally ride.

The Benefits of Taking a Safety Course

There are a few benefits of taking a motorcycle safety course and knowing how to get a motorcycle endorsement.

First, the safety tips that you learn are invaluable and will serve you for as long as you drive motorcycles. It sets the foundation of safety and defensive driving tips that you need to stay safe.

The Governors Office of Highway Safety estimates that there are more than 3,000 motorcycle accidents per year in the state of Arizona. Learning how to drive safely can protect your life and the lives of others while also avoiding serious injury.

When you’re a proven safe motorcycle driver, you’ll also enjoy lower insurance costs. Taking a course makes you less of a risk, and your insurance company will typically adjust your premiums once you’ve proven that you completed a licensed motorcycle safety course.

Option 2: Take the Permit Test

Your next option is to take the AZ motorcycle permit test. This test is ideal for riders interested in getting their full motorcycle class.

Arizona’s DMV provides information booklets and practice exams that you can take to brush up on your motorcycle driving information.

The permit is easier to get, but keep in mind that it is not a fully-endorsed license, which means that it comes with some limitations. You have to be at least 16 years old to receive your permit test after taking the test.

Permit Test Requirements

Once you pass the motorcycle permit test and pay the $7 fee, you are free to get riding instruction in Arizona. Minors must hold their permits for at least 6 months before they can have it upgraded to an endorsed motorcycle license.

In addition to the written permit test, you must also pass a vision exam. Keep a log of any motorcycle instruction that you receive. The state of Arizona requires you to log 30 hours of instruction time from a licensed and approved course.

When you hold a permit, you’re not allowed to drive in the evenings or any time when there is less than 500 feet of daylight in front of you. People who hold permits aren’t allowed to have passengers and can’t ride on the interstate.

Permit holders may only drive when they are supervised by someone who holds a motorcycle license.

Follow Up with the Skill Test

A driver’s test is required for anyone looking to get their motorcycle license in Arizona. This is the test that shows your proficiency and ability to operate your motorcycle.

Taking the skills test is the next step of the process when you’re learning how to get a motorcycle endorsement. You have to bring your own motorcycle to the testing site in order to take your skills exam.

You will need to show your understanding of motorcycle laws in real-time, showing skills like observing the speed, signaling, and properly starting, riding, and navigating with your motorcycle.

Update Your Driver’s License

After you have shown that you have an understanding of Arizona motorcycle laws and the ability to safely use your motorcycle, you will need to get your motorcycle license updated. You will need to take your physical card to a DMV location along with your documented credentials.

The DMV will then endorse your license so that it shows your current license class. Once you have gotten your motorcycle licensed endorsed, you are free to legally operate your motorcycle anywhere in Arizona in accordance with all of its laws.

How to Get Your Motorcycle License in Arizona

This advice will serve you if you’re trying to learn how to get your motorcycle license in Arizona. Once you understand how to get the right motorcycle license class in AZ, you can begin to enjoy all of the beautiful open roads and scenery that the state has to offer.

Handle this with diligence and rely on us if you need more information on how to get a motorcycle endorsement.

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