North Central Phoenix

The section of Central Avenue between Camelback Road and Glendale Avenue is considered North Central Phoenix. This neighborhood is known for its ranch-style homes, historic appeal, and welcoming atmosphere for families. This area is home to two of the city’s most prestigious Catholic high schools, Brophy and Xavier. North Phoenix’s public schools also have a strong reputation within the Phoenix Public School system as a whole. 

Windsor Square and “The Sevens” have historically been in high demand among working professionals due to their proximity to downtown (which can be reached in under ten minutes). The historic Murphy’s Bridal Path was first used in the late nineteenth century by horse-drawn carriages. Now known as “The Bridal Path,” it serves as a popular spot for strolls and jogs. It’s the city’s best-kept secret and it’s located in north central Phoenix.

A significant portion of Central Avenue, which runs north to south across Phoenix, Arizona area, is known as the Central Avenue Corridor. One of Phoenix’s busiest and most vital stretches of roadway, it is roughly bounded to the north by Camelback Road and to the south by McDowell Road. Within a three-mile (5-kilometer) radius of this stretch of Central Avenue, nearly 60,000 people are employed, making it one of the region’s most important centers of employment. Financial institutions, technology companies, prominent law firms, and governmental agencies are just some of the key employers in the neighborhood.

This thoroughfare splits the larger area known as Midtown Phoenix in half, which consists of a collection of neighborhoods north of downtown and south of the North-Central and Sunnyslope areas. Paragraph brackets indicate the inclusion of block numbers or addresses for Central Avenue landmarks when available. Phoenix’s Central Avenue, which splits the city in half between 7th Street and 7th Avenue, also acts as the east-west dividing line for the unincorporated communities of Maricopa County.

In some spots, Central Avenue abruptly passes through neighborhoods of radically different socioeconomic status in Phoenix. Downtown Phoenix land prices are on par with those of other major metropolises. Luxury Large, historic homes typical of lower North Central Avenue can be seen in the North Central neighborhoods north of Midtown and Uptown Phoenix. The Sunnyslope Neighborhood, which was founded in 1907, may be found near the end of Central Avenue, across the canal from North Central. South of downtown and on the fringes of South Mountain, the South Central neighborhood contains some of the city’s most blighted regions.

You may find examples of almost every type of building and architectural use in Phoenix along Central Avenue. Addresses on Central Avenue range from rundown and thriving strip malls to small old brick warehouses, industrial and commercial properties, residential single-family homes and estates, and even some of the city’s tallest skyscrapers. Central and its surrounding area are home to many legally designated and protected historic districts and cultural, performing arts, and sporting attractions.

North Tempe
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