Papago Park, Phoenix

Papago Park is a hilly desert park in Phoenix, AZ that spans a total of 296 acres in the Tempe neighbourhood as well as 1200 acres in the Phoenix proper. Tempe Specifically, the urban section of the park is known as Papago Park. Papago Park is well-known not only for the giant saguaro cactus that rises over the park, but also for its wide array of characteristic desert flora. 

The park is home to a wide variety of attractions, including the Phoenix Zoo, the Desert Botanical Garden, Hunt’s Tomb (the pyramidal tomb of Arizona’s first governor, George W. P. Hunt), picnic areas, a plethora of tiny lakes, hiking paths, bike lanes, and even a fire museum. There are baseball and softball fields, picnic ramadas, and even a tiny lake at this park. Between its Phoenix and Tempe ends, the park is home to the Rolling Hills Golf Course.

Papago Park is an attractive green space in the city’s south-east. Activities in this park range from golfing to cycling to hiking along nature trails to climbing the towering red sandstone cliffs that dominate the landscape. You can see how the locals of Phoenix make good use of this urban paradise by coming here for a stroll, especially in the early morning before the sun becomes too hot. The city of Phoenix has recognised it as a source of civic pride. The National Register of Historic Places-listed Hunt’s Tomb is part of the overall complex.

Elliot Ramada Trail and Double Butte Loop Path are two of the most well-known paths in the park. In either case, you may expect to be transported to the park’s distinctive rocky peaks. Rabbits are the most commonly seen wildlife on the site, however bighorn sheep are occasionally observed as well. Papago Park is also home to the Phoenix Zoo and the Desert Botanical Garden.

In 1879, the area now known as Papago Park was set aside as a reservation for the Maricopa and Pima tribes of Native Americans that lived in the area. The Papago-Saguaro National Monument was established in 1914, but on April 7, 1930, Congress canceled the designation because the area was judged inappropriate for a national monument. The Salt River Project was a joint effort between the state of Arizona, the city of Tempe, and the Water Users Association. The federal government acts as a trustee for all oil, coal, and mineral rights.

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